Readers / Automated Systems

Abraxis offers a variety of equipment for measuring optical signal produced by ELISA, RBA, and other assay types, from the fully-automated CAAS to basic readers.

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New CAAS Cube
PN 475006, CAAS Cube Automated ELISA Analyzer System, Microplate format, 96 well, includes Cyanotoxin analysis bundle, netbook for computer control, CAAS Cube racks/software, installation

CAAS Cube is a fully automated, single plate analysis system with spectrophotometric and fluorescent reading options. Its compact, modular design allows several units to be networked to a single computer for data analysis, conserving bench space and allowing the system to expand with lab testing requirements. CAAS Cube comes standard with a no-spill linear shaker for speeds up to 900 RPM as well as a forced convection incubator for even heating with no edge effect. CAAS Cube’s open, fully customizable software with multi-language support permits use of pre-programmed or custom assays. The fully automated CAAS Cube analyzer helps labs of all sizes expand their sample testing capacities and add new analyses.

*Video: CAAS Cube Features and Benefits


Cyanotoxin Automated Assay System (CAAS)
PN 475200, CAAS, Microplate format, 96 well, without computer and printer, installation included
PN 000111, CAAS Training, On-site

CAAS is an automated, “hands off”, microtiter plate format analyzer for quantitative determination of anatoxin-a, BMAA, cylindrospermopsin, microcystins and saxitoxins. The analyzer is computer controlled and capable of automating all the steps of both ELISA and RBA assays including fluid handling, plate mixing, incubation/timing, optical reading, calculations and reports.

Assay automation with CAAS is easy, reliable, and consistent; moreover, multiple analyte assays can be run simultaneously (multiplexing). Testimonials

*Video: Automated quantitation of cyanotoxins by ELISA using the Abraxis Cyanotoxin Automated Assay System (CAAS)

CAAS Cyanotoxin Automated Assay System
*Technical Video: CAAS Alignments Tutorial
*Technical Video: CAAS Pack Files Tutorial

Cyanotoxin Non-automated Assay Systems
Complete “turn key” systems are available, including installation and on-site training with any of the readers/photometers listed below. Call for consultation as to the tailored system that best suits your needs.

Microplate Reader, Computer Controlled
Microplate Reader, Model 4303PN 475010, Microplate format, 96 well, Model 4303, without computer and printer
PN 000112, Model 4303 Training, On-site

The Model 4303 reader is a versatile, visible range (colorimetric) photometer for 96 well microtiter plate format testing. It provides all the functionality needed for numerous laboratory applications while offering great performance and value. The reader is a compact, PC-controlled, multi-purpose photometer designed to read and calculate the results of colorimetric assays. Trays containing strips of either 8 or 12 wells are accommodated, as well as partial strips. The compact, space saving design makes it ideal for stand-alone use. The reader is provided with user-programmable data reduction software which has selectable plate formatting, alphanumeric test naming, automatic interpretation options, and curve plotting plus editing flags.
AbraScan Strip Test Reader

AbraScan® III Test Strip Reader
PN 475025B, Test Strip format, without computer and printer

Digital test strip interpretation device that can be used with Abraxis strip tests (dipsticks). It features a color touchscreen interface, rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery, expandable SD card memory, and WiFi and printer connectivity options. This AbraScan model III has additional features over the model II: interchangeable cartridges to allow single- or multi-strip reading, streamlined user interface, and upgraded optics and connectivity. It provides a digital photographic record of test strips, and accurate analysis and interpretation of line intensities. Used in combination, the reader and test strips provide semi-quantitative and/or qualitative evaluation of cyanotoxins and other analytes in contaminated samples.

Microplate 3-strip readerMicroplate Strip Reader

PN 475007, Microplate Strip format, Model 4700, with printer Brochure

A compact, user-programmable colorimetric ELISA microplate strip reader with interactive touch-screen, curve fitting calculations with step-by-step prompting for single & multi-point calibration curves, several regression calculations, and a variety of cutoff and control options. Features three-strip loading capacity and on-board printer.

Combo Reader, Microplate Strip and Tube Photometer, Combo, Strip/Tube

PN 475101, Microplate Strip and Test Tube formats, with absorbance
User Guide  Flyer

Microplate Washer

PN 475011, Plate Washer, Stat Fax 2600
User Guide
Plate Washer, Stat Fax 2600
Features fully automatic reading; Automatic calibration, alignment and last row detection; Large, non-volatile memory stores at least 50 user-specified wash protocols; Constant monitoring of vacuum and pressure; and Programmable automatic rinse cycle.