Abraxis offers a growing selection of ELISA and Strip Test Kits for rapid detection and qualitative screening of GMO proteins in seed, leaf tissue, surface water, and soil samples. If needed, positive samples can be confirmed by PCR or other conventional methods.


Bt Cry1Ab/Cry1Ac
PN 510001, Microtiter Plate (96T) User Guide

Bt Cry1F
PN 510006, Microtiter Plate (96T) User Guide

PN 510101, Microtiter Plate (96T) User Guide

Strip Tests

Bt Cry1Ab/Cry1Ac, Strip Test Kit
PN 510300, Dipsticks (50T) User Guide

CP4 EPSPS, Strip Test Kit
PN 510200, Dipsticks (50T) User Guide


Bt Cry1Ab – PN 300003 (10 μg)
Bt Cry1Ac – PN 250020 (10 μg)
Bt Cry1F – PN 250030 (10 μg)
Bt Cry2A – PN 250040 (10 μg)
Bt Cry3B – PN 250050 (10 μg)
Bt Cry9C – PN 250060 (10 μg)

Also Available: Antibodies for Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) Cry 1Ab, Cry 1Ac, Cry 1F, Cry 2A, Cry 3B, and Cry 9C. Contact us for more information: [email protected].

Pesticide Tests