About Us

For 21 years, Abraxis has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing rapid environmental, food, and life sciences test systems, including immunochemistry products and methods, to meet the testing needs of research and industry. We are constantly collaborating with global government, industry, and academic leaders to develop innovative methods and applications. This has allowed us to respond quickly to our customers’ requests for assays when new threats (e.g. harmful algal blooms, melamine, glyphosate in foods) arise. Many of our products are validated/verified by agencies such as US EPA, USDA, USGS, FDA, Japanese Ministry of the Environment, and WHO. Abraxis holds, or is exclusive licensee, of several key technology patents, with additional applications in process.

Our scientific staff has experience with medical, industrial, and environmental testing. We are able to customize programs to serve the client’s specific needs with competitive pricing and high quality standards. Abraxis is headquartered in the United States and serves our customers, directly or through distributors, in over 100 countries around the world.

In November 2017, Abraxis, Inc. joined Eurofins Technologies, the diagnostic kit manufacturing division of Eurofins Scientific, an industry leader in laboratory testing services. Eurofins Technologies is a fast-growing, global provider of diagnostic test kits, lab consumables and industry-leading ELISA-based instrument platforms supporting rapid testing in the food, feed, environmental, biopharma, and clinical markets. The rebranding of Eurofins Abraxis reflects Eurofins Technologies’ strategy of creating a world leading brand within the respective markets while building on the strong legacy that Abraxis has developed over the past 21 years. Under our new Eurofins Abraxis brand, we will continue to provide customers with top quality products at competitive prices while maintaining a consistently high level of customer service.

Our Products

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Our Services

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  • High-volume microtiter plate coating
  • Antibody and antigen purification
  • Monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production
  • Immunogold reagents for rapid test system applications
  • Bulk and custom magnetic particles
  • Receptor binding assays, including purified enzyme in bulk
  • ELISA assay development
  • OEM manufacture of kits, solutions, etc.
  • Our Capabilities

  • Diversified test format (magnetic particles, microtiter plates, coated tubes, strip tests, etc.)
  • GLP documentation of product development and validation processes
  • Quality manufacturing to your specifications, time and time again
  • Data evaluation options, from screening to fully quantitative configurations
  • Design and validation of methods for sample matrices including foods, soils, biologicals, etc.