Algal Toxins

cyanotoxins testingAbraxis provides innovative, value added, comprehensive, real time, field and lab based testing solutions for both fresh and marine water algal toxins. Anatoxin-a, BMAA, Cylindrospermopsin, Microcystins (including Microcystin-ADDA) and Saxitoxins test kits form the core for fresh water cyanotoxins testing; three of them are listed in the EPA UCMR 4. The multiple technologies, formats and applications available from Abraxis allow individuals, utilities, regional and research programs to easily achieve objectives.

As cyanotoxins testing expands into coastal waters, marine water applications are available for Cylindrospermopsin, Microcystins and Saxitoxins test kits. Additional applications for microcystins testing are available for bivalve and fish tissues as well as human serum. Brevetoxin (NSP), Domoic Acid (ASP), Okadaic Acid (DSP) and Saxitoxins (PSP) test kits are the core for the marine/shellfish poisons test kits. Shipboard/dockside testing applications are available for Brevetoxin, Domoic Acid, Okadaic Acid and Saxitoxins. An alternate technology, PP1A, is available for Okadaic Acid.

Contact us for protocols, and to discuss the method that best suits your needs.

Abraxis provides Innovative, Value Added, Comprehensive, Real time, Field and Lab Based Algal Toxin Testing Solutions for Cyanotoxins and Dinoflagellate toxins (shellfish poisoning):

  • ELISA, PP2A, and RBA Kits (Microtiter Plates, Tubes, and Strips)
  • Lysing and Filtering Alternatives
  • Cyanotoxins Proficiency Testing Programs
  • Certified Analytical and Labeled Standards
  • Tri-Level Proficiency Testing Samples
  • Bivalve, Fish, Seawater, and Serum Applications
  • Readers, Automated Systems, System Installation
  • On-site Training and Technical Support

Algae blooms are occurring more often, and more extensively, each year, in fresh water such as the Great Lakes, and marine water such as the Pacific coast. To see examples of state and local agency advisories and brochures, click on the following links: Advisory, MN Poster, OH Poster, OH Fact Sheet.

Before you get started, did you know that the type of container you use for sample collection could alter, or even ruin, your results? Check out our Cyanotoxin Sample Collection Guide

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Fresh Water (Cyanotoxins)

*Video:Cyanotoxins Primer
*Video: Laboratory Techniques for Detecting Microcystins in Water Using Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA). Produced by the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), this video demonstrates how to measure microcystins following the Ohio EPA Total Microcystin Analytical Methodology using the Abraxis ADDA-ELISA kit.

Assay Systems & Readers

Cyanotoxin Automated Assay System (CAAS) Image
PN 475200, Microtiter Plate, 96 well, without computer and printer, installation included.
*Video:Automated quantitation of cyanotoxins by ELISA using the Abraxis Cyanotoxin Automated Assay System (CAAS)
CAAS Training is also available; contact us for more details. Testimonials

Cyanotoxin Non-automated Assay System Alternatives

Fresh Water Kits

Anatoxin-a (VFDF), ELISA Kit
Assay range 0.15 to 5.0 ppb (ug/L). The simplified protocol is similar to Cylindrospermopsin and Saxitoxin, with room temperature incubation and no sample concentration necessary. Samples should be immediately preserved with a solution provided in the kit, and can be used with both Anatoxin-a and Saxitoxin kits.
PN 520060, Microtiter Plate (96T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS

Anatoxin-a (VFDF), RBA Kit
PN 520050, Microtiter Plate (96T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS Enhanced Sensitivity application NMS poster

PN 520040, Microtiter Plate (96T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS

Cylindrospermopsin, ELISA Kit
PN 522011, Microtiter Plate (96T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS
Seawater application available. Contact us for details.

We offer numerous Microcystin kit types and formats (including Microcystin-ADDA), each with its own strengths and advantages based on sample type, purpose of assay, etc. Contact us to discuss which kit best suits your needs. Protocols for sample collection, treatment (fresh water and seawater), preparation, storage, and transportation of drinking and recreational water are available upon request.

Microcystins, ELISA Kit (tube format)
PN 520012A, Coated Tube (40T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS
PN 472285, Rack, Separation, 6 positions Image
PN 530040, Accessory Pack, Lysing, Freeze-Thaw (20T)
PN 530038, Accessory Pack, Filtering (20T)

Microcystins/Nodularins (ADDA), ELISA Kit
PN 520011, Microtiter Plate (96T) User Guide Flow Chart EPA ETV Verification Estuary samples SDS
PN 520011OH, Microtiter Plate (96T) User Guide OH EPA SOP Flow Chart Laboratory Certification EPA ETV Verification SDS

Microcystins/Nodularins (ADDA) ES (Enhanced Sensitivity), ELISA Kit
PN 520011ES, Microtiter Plate (96T)  Flow Chart Application SDS

Microcystins/Nodularins (ADDA) SAES (Streptavidin Amplified Enhanced Sensitivity), ELISA Kit
Besides having very high sensitivity (0.016 ppb), this kit is also the best option for measuring microcystins in marine/brackish water, since no extra steps or reagents are necessary.
PN 520011SAES, Microtiter Plate (96T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS

Microcystins/Nodularins-DM, ELISA Kit
PN 522015, Microtiter Plate (96T) User Guide Flow Chart EPA ETV Verification Estuary samples SDS

Microcystins/Nodularins, PP2A Kits
PN 520032, Microtiter Plate (96T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS
PN 520033, Tube format (32T) User Guide SDS

Microcystins/Nodularins (Serum), ELISA Kit
PN 522031, Microtiter Plate (96T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS Sample Prep Poster

QuikLyseTM Option* sample lysing and filtration in a matter of minutes! * patent pending
The Abraxis QuikLyse system is a sample preparation protocol for the rapid lysis of algal samples prior to ELISA testing. Lysis is necessary to measure total microcystins (dissolved, or free, plus cell bound). QuickLyse is not only faster, but unlike other lysis methods does not create potentially dangerous aerosols.
PN 529911 (45T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS

Microcystins LR, Check Samples
Provides Microcystin LR standards to confirm accuracy, precision, and specificity of sample dilution and analysis.
PN 422011 User Guide SDS

Saxitoxins, ELISA Kit
PN 52255B, Microtiter Plate (96T) User Guide Flow Chart Fresh Water Sample Prep SDS
Seawater applications available.

Proficiency Testing Programs – 2017

2016 Proficiency Testing Programs are now closed.
PN 2017-01, Drinking Water – Microcystins, March 2017
PN 2017-02, Drinking Water – Anatoxin-a and/or Cylindrospermopsin, March 2017
PN 2017-03, Recreational Water – Microcystins, June 2017
PN 2017-04, Recreational Water – Anatoxin-a and/or Cylindrospermopsin, June 2017

Fresh Water Strip Tests

Easy-to-use strip tests (or ‘dipsticks’) detect cyanotoxins: if the sample contains toxin over the level set by WHO (World Health Organization), the test will detect them even if there are no visible algal cells in the sample. The tests include internal controls and can be used as field tests–without laboratory equipment. Microcystin strip tests are available for drinking (source and finished) and recreational, as well as marine/brackish, waters. Protocols for sample collection, treatment, preparation, storage and transportation are available upon request.

Abraxis strip tests dipsticks for microcystins cylindrospermopsin anatoxinAnatoxin-a (VFDF)
PN 520042 (5T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS
PN 520043 (20T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS

PN 520029 (5T) SDS
PN 520030 (20T) SDS

Microcystins, 0.3 ppb, Finished Drinking Water
PN 520046 (20T) SDS

Microcystins, 1 ppb, Source Drinking Water with QuikLyseTM Option (up to 5 ppb)
PN 520019 (5T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS
PN 520020 (20T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS

Microcystins, 1 ppb, Finished Drinking Water (up to 5 ppb)
Best strip test option for marine/brackish water. Contact us for brackish water application notes.
PN 520016 (5T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS
PN 520017 (20T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS

Microcystins, 10 ppb, Recreational Water with QuikLyseTM Option
PN 520023 (5T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS EPA ETV Verification IL Program ’13 Beach Monitoring
PN 520022 (20T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS EPA ETV Verification IL Program ’13 Beach Monitoring

AbraScan Test Strip Reader – Digital Reading of Dipsticks Simplifies Interpretation

Marine Water (Dinoflagellates & Diatoms / Shellfish Poisoning)

Seawater applications are also available for Microcystins/Nodularins and Cylindrospermopsin. Contact us for details.

Brevetoxin (NSP), ELISA Kit
PN 520026, Microtiter Plate (96T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS

Cyclic Imines (PnTX-A, PnTX-G, SPX-C), RBA Kit
PN 520060, Microtiter Plate (96T) User Guide SDS

Domoic Acid (ASP), ELISA Kit (AOAC Method 2006.02)
PN 520501, Microtiter Plate (96T) User Guide SDS
PN ON0021, Microtiter Plate (96T), Onsite User Guide SDS

Okadaic Acid (DSP), ELISA Kit (EC 2002/225 Compliant)
PN 520021, Microtiter Plate (96T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS

Okadaic Acid (DSP), PP2A Kit
PN 520025, Microtiter Plate (96T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS

Saxitoxins (PSP) Seawater Standards
PN 52255SW, Seawater Standards SDS
For use with Saxitoxins ELISA Kit

Saxitoxins (PSP) Shipboard, ELISA Kit (ISSC Certified, 09-107)
PN 52255SB, ELISA Kit Abstract FDA article SDS
PN 530009, Accessory Pack SDS
PN 470061C, Starter Pack with Computer

Certified Analytical and Labeled Standards

PN 300620, Anatoxin-a (+) Standard, 10 μg/mL, 0.5 mL SDS
PN 300586, Anatoxin-a (+) Certified Standard [September 2016]
PN 300648, Homo-anatoxin-a Standard, 10 µg/ml, 0.5 ml SDS

PN 300622, BMAA D3 (d3-BMAA) Standard, 1.0 mg SDS

PN 300624, Cylindrospermopsin Standard, 0.5 mg SDS
PN 300626, Cylindrospermopsin Standard, 10 µg/ml, 1 ml SDS
PN 300588, Cylindrospermopsin Certified Standard [September 2016]

PN 300628, Microcystin LA Standard, 10 µg/ml, 1 ml SDS
PN 300646, Microcystin LF Standard, 10 ug/mL, 1 mL SDS
PN 300500, Microcystin LF Deuterated (D5) Standard, 10 µg/ml, 0.5 ml SDS
PN 300630, Microcystin LR Standard, 0.5 mg SDS
PN 300632, Microcystin LR Standard, 10 µg/ml, 1ml SDS
PN 300580, Microcystin LR Certified Standard, 0.5ml SDS
PN 300634, Microcystin LY Standard, 10 µg/ml, 1ml SDS
PN 300636, Microcystin RR Standard, 10 µg/ml, 1 ml SDS
PN 300582, Microcystin RR Certified Standard, 10 µg/ml, 0.5ml SDS
PN 300638, Microcystin YR Standard, 10 µg/ml, 1 ml SDS

PN 300640, Nodularins Standard, 10 µg/ml, 1 ml SDS

PN 300642, Saxitoxin Standard, 10 ug/mL in ethanol, 1 mL SDS
PN 300590, Saxitoxin Certified Standard [October 2016]
PN 300644, Saxitoxin PSP 15N-Labeled Standard, 5 ug/mL in ethanol, 0.5 mL SDS Technical info